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A vastly underrated film, 7 February 2005

Author:zetesfrom Saint Paul, MN

Barbara Hershey plays a hippie girl who is hired to have the baby of amiddle class couple (Collin Wilcox-Horne & Sam Groom). The film dealswith the clash of values between Hershey, along with her boyfriend(Scott Glenn), and the couple. It also deals honestly and surprisinglyfairly with the emotional turmoil all four characters go through.Supposedly the film was dismissed upon its released because of the wayit depicted hippie culture, but it is much more positive than a goodamount of the films of the day (see Joe, for instance). It neitheraccepts nor dismisses either of the two classes, but instead deals withthe four principals as individuals. The four characters are sensitivelywritten (director Bridges, most famous for writing and directing TheChina Syndrome, wrote the script here, as well). Hershey, Wilcox-Horne(AKA Wilcox Paxton), Groom, and Glenn all give exceptionalperformances.

This may have been the first Hollywood film on the subject of surrogacy.