Carla Lewis-Long is a dynamic force in broadcasting sales. In September 2010, CableFax Magazine named her as one of the “Most Influential Minorities In Cable.” Armed with both depth and breadth of industry knowledge she is responsible for building strategies that drive distribution and viewership. Known as a results oriented leader Carla develops sales team that grow markets and improve overall bottom line performance.

Carla Lewis-Long currently serves as Vice President, Content Distribution for Participant Television.

Prior to joining Participant TV, Carla served as VP, Distribution at nuvo TV. In her role, she oversees all aspects of affiliate sales for the network. She manages a dynamic staff of senior level people that have increased the subscriber growth of the network.

Carla has also worked at American Life TV as Sr. VP Content Distribution and Marketing, and Oxygen Network as Vice President, National Accounts.

Carla’s early career started at USA Networks. Carla spent 12 years at USA/ Universal Television in New York City. She joined USA/Universal as Manager for the Northeast region and was promoted to Director responsible for the subscriber growth for USA, Sci-Fi, HSN, TRIO and (NWI) News World International. She also handled the ad sales for the entire Eastern Region.

In 2004, NBC purchased USA/Universal and her role expanded to secure distribution and subscriber growth for the USA Network, Sci-Fi Channel, TRIO, BRAVO, CNBC, MSNBC, TELEMUNDO, mun2, CNBC World and Shop NBC.  Carla also played a central role in renewing contracts and negotiating new contracts with the cable systems.

Carla currently serves as President of CTAM Carolinas and past Co-Vice President of CTAM New York and past President of CTAM New England.  Carla is a current member of WICT & NAMIC and on the Emerson College Alumni Executive Board.