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Surrogacy Centers for Gay Couples Make Perfect Sense

There is no greater gift that a person can receive than having a baby, which is something that two gay fathers from Britain know first hand. With the help of an egg donor and a surrogate mother who helped them welcome twins over a decade ago, they were able to achieve their dream of having children. Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow were actually the first gay couple to become parents in the U.K., and since their first babies were born, they’ve added three more kids into their family — who were all born using a surrogate.

They may have their hands full with their brood of five at home, but now they want to help other same-sex couples achieve their dream of becoming moms and dads as well. They opened a surrogacy center that caters to other same-sex couples who want to add little ones into the mix and wouldn’t otherwise be able to have kids.

Using an egg donor and a surrogate isn’t exactly a new concept, and there’s really no reason that gay couples can’t go to any other regular surrogacy center to try and conceive a child. However, it’s hard to imagine that they would be able to get the same level of understanding and support they would receive by going to Barrie and Tony’s center instead.

When you are going through an experience as emotional as trying to have a baby, there are plenty of people who are ready and willing to offer you advice. But sometimes all you really want to hear is a comforting voice telling you that everything is going to be ok, and that all of your feelings are valid.

When I was pregnant, the only people who I really felt truly comprehended what I was feeling and thinking were my other friends who had welcomed babies before me. And after I had my baby, I took great comfort in the advice and camaraderie that my fellow mom friends gave me. And had I adopted a baby or used a surrogate or some other method to become a parent, then I would have wanted to connect with other people who had been through the same thing.

Same-sex couples experience different hurdles and challenges in becoming parents than heterosexual couples, so it makes perfect sense that they would flock to a surrogacy center that caters specifically to their needs. For gay couples in the U.K. who want to start a family, this center sounds like the perfect place to start.

Did you use a surrogate to have your baby? What advice can you offer other parents who are using the same route to have a child?


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From The Stir. The two dads discussed in this piece were the first gay couple to become parents in the UK.

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