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I would like to thank Dara Roth Edney of Informed Fertility for including my books in the Useful Links & Resources section.  Please visit the site.  There are many testimonials on the site of how Dara hashelped people through the surrogacy process.


Dara Roth Edney works with individuals, couples and families who are seeking assisted fertility options and/or experiencing infertility.  She believes strongly that having a child is a basic right of choice and supports anyone who comes to her in their journey to become parents or to expand their family.

She also works with egg donors, sperm donors and gestational surrogates as they fulfill their goal of helping someone else become a parent.

Dara’s clients come from all over the world and she works closely with well-respected clinics, doctors, supporting agencies, lawyers and other professionals, as clients negotiate the assisted fertility journey.



Bellyitch: Too Posh for Pregnancy or Solution for Difficulties?


What are your thoughts on “social surrogacy?” And read what Sharon LaMothe says about it.

Jeff Goldblum plays Lea Michele’s dad on Glee

Jeff Goldblum.(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Rachel Berry has two dads. We’ve known this since the 2009 pilot episode of Glee, but what we haven’t known is who they are. Imagine our excitement, then, when it was announced that Jeff Goldblum (Jeff Goldblum!) and Tony winner Brian Stokes Mitchell were cast as Hiram and LeRoy Berry, the musically-inclined adoptive parents of (Jewish) Rachel, played by Lea Michele (born Lea Michele Sarfati, what up).

And their debut in the Valentine’s Day episode, Heart, didn’t disappoint. We first meet Hiram (Goldblum) and LeRoy (Stokes Mitchell) in the high school auditorium, where Rachel and Finn arrive after receiving mysterious notes signed Mandy Patinkin (!). Hiram and LeRoy enter with a rolling piano, naturally, but something’s amiss: LeRoy had a dream about Tony Danza, and Hiram can’t contain his jealousy. Dads, am I right?

The best scene, however, comes later in the (otherwise lackluster) episode when Finn’s family is invited over to the Berry’s for dinner. Spoiler alert: high school seniors Rachel and Finn got engaged, and the celebratory meal is part of a parent-concocted reverse psychology scheme to get them to ultimately realize they are too young to get married. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t really work.

Goldblum rocks menschy Moscot glasses (the Lemtosh!) and a kind of amazing purple v-neck sweater and generally plays Hiram absurdly, referring to Nate Berkus as a “dear, dear friend” when Finn’s mother compliments the home decor (LeRoy cuts in and informs her it’s not true). He refers to his daughter as “Ruchela,” reminds her never to go to bed without moisturizing, and then informs Leroy he’s already taken three Xanax. The performance works, oddly enough, because Rachel herself is so insanely high-drama and spotlight-hungry—why wouldn’t her dad be even more outrageously so?

Yet Hiram is quickly seized by guilt (classic) when he realizes the extent to which they’ve lied to their only child, pretending they approve of her engagement when really they think she’s too young to be making those kinds of decisions. “Honesty, respect, dance,” Goldblum somehow deadpans, “Those are the foundations of the Berry family.”

Jeff Goldblum can do no wrong. As Marc Tracy pointed out in December, when Goldblum himself was awarded a spot on Tablet’s 100 Greatest Jewish Films, “he doesn’t even need to act! He just needs to be Jeff Goldblum.”

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5 Star Review From Surrogacy Expert, Sharon LaMothe


Sharon LaMothe has extremely supportive of what I’m trying to do and the whole surrogacy movement in general.  She is someone that all of us who are involved in surrogacy need to know and tell those who don’t know.

Sharon LaMothe is the Owner of LaMothe Services, LLC, an ART Business Assistant/Marketing Company and Owner of Infertility Answers, Inc., an educational website for those researching Third Party Family Building. Sharon also owned and operated her own Surrogacy Agency for over 5 years. She has had personal experience being a Gestational Surrogate, giving birth to twin girls in March of 2000 for a Florida couple, and in January 2005, gave birth to girl/boy twins for a New York couple. Sharon’s educational background includes a Social Services major which encompassed classes in Crisis Identification and Intervention, Interviewing and Counseling, Communication in Groups and Organizations. Sharon’s continuing education classes include Total Quality Management (TQM) and Shared Decision Making. She has offered her unique perspectives and expertise by holding round table discussions and speaking on the topic of Surrogacy for SMART ART, RESOLVE, American Fertility Association, Fertile Dreams and by arranging staff development luncheons and meetings with various clinics, hospitals and law offices. Sharon is married with two children and currently resides in Seattle, WA.


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